Love is the Answer by Ben Craib

Book Blurb

Love Is The Answer tells the story of grieving seventeen-year-old Scarlett who falls in love with a young ecstasy dealer and DJ and embraces his lifestyle of raves, pills, and underground parties. 

Together they’re like two wires completing an electrical circuit – with him she’s lit up, happy and whole – away from him dead.

But when he brutally betrays her she is forced to confront the toxic river of anger they’ve both been trying so hard to avoid.

Love Is The Answer explores the turbulence of first love mixed together with the pressure pot of the complicated effects of grief.

All publisher profits will go to the mental health charity MIND

My Thoughts


This book had me crying and I mean ugly crying. I was so moved by this book, I haven’t felt like this about a book in a while. The plot, the characters and the way everything is written just adds to the emotional aspect of this book. There is just so much in this book, everyone needs to read this book.

About the author

Ben was born in Colchester and grew up in London, and now lives in Brighton with his partner Tara and son Theo. In 2020 he ghost-wrote therapist Malcolm Stern’s book Slay Your Dragons with Compassion: Ten Ways to Thrive Even When It Feels Impossible (Watkins Publishing) and continues to ghost-write for various clients. His background is in theatre, where he spent a decade creating, devising and directing plays with and for young people, working for theatres all over London.

Ben’s debut novel Love is The Answer, is a powerful, raw and emotional YA story that follows Scarlett, a teenage girl  who is lost in the aftermath of her mother’s death. 

It beautifully explores the turbulence of adolescence,the everyday highs and lows of teenage life mixed together with the pressure pot of the complicated effects of grief.

Love is the Answer will be published in May to help mark and raise awareness of teenage Mental Health Issues for Mental Health Awareness Week. All Publisher royalties from Love is The Answer will be donated to MIND charity.

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