Girl in the red Coat promo

Book Blurb: What if the girl in the red coat fell in love with the wolf? Girl In The Red Coat is a contemporary retelling of the classic tale Red Riding Hood. Grace was once a quiet teenage girl until when she turns sixteen and moves to a new town to live with her grandparents to start college. This is where Grace’s life changes when she meets Daniel and encounters mysterious appearances from Ben. As well as a complicated love triangle, Grace learns that wolves and witches (spellcasters) do exist.

Author information: My name is Gemma Owen-Kendall from a town called Grimsby, I like to say I’m part unicorn and part Harley Quinn. I’ve been writing since I was a teenager and have always loved reading. One of my all time favourite authors is Stephenie Meyer who of course wrote The Twilight Saga. I’m a big supporter of local writers within my area, every Tuesday evening I run a writing workshop at a Cleethorpescoffeeshop called The Globe. This is also where majority of my imagination has been created over the past few years.

Author social media links

Twitter Handle: @GemOwenKendall

Instagram Handle: @gemma.authorpage

Facebook Handle:


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