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Justinian’s Daughters 

After arriving for a holiday near the tiny city of St David’s, comedian Benjamin Budd is consumed by the beauty and mysticism all around him. A seemingly chance encounter with an unnerving stranger called Erin quickly changes his life and he becomes trapped; embroiled in a fatalistic tale of inheritance and bloodlines. He learns of strong women, seeking retribution through generations, proving historic actions have present day consequences.

A sinister, enigmatic tale of vengeance that leaves the reader wondering where good ends and evil begins…

Author Bio

Nigel Stewart joined Provoco in August 2022. He writes lit- erary fiction and has published three novels since 2019. His fourth, Justinian’s Daughters, will be his debut for Provoco and marks a distinct change of style.
Born in Northumberland, Nigel grew up in Hereford where he was a cathedral chorister. He lives in Lancashire, for now, and his children, Alana and Jacob, are presently finishing their degrees at Birkbeck College and Newcastle University.

A full-time dreamer since his teens, Nigel enjoys a beer if of- fered and likes nothing more than not completing things on his to do list. He’s also a keen musician and songwriter.
He’s recently completed a fifth novel and is working concur- rently on two new projects – some short stories and a sixth novel.

Nigel’s website is here: – https://
You can also contact Nigel at


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