A Knot of Lies and Rebellion Promo

Welcome to my tour stop A Knot of Lies and Rebellion by J. Collette Smith. It is YA Fantasy and it is OUT NOW!

Title: A Knot of Lies and Rebellion
Series Title: A Knot of Lies and Rebellion

Release Date: 11/22/2022
Genre: YA Fantasy
Trigger Warnings: none
Steam Level: 1 out of 5 (1 is no steam, 5 is strong steam)


How far would you go to have it all?

Emeuri dreams of becoming an attendant to a High Daughter in the Kingdom of Iridan—an impossible feat for a low-level worker like herself. But when aonce-in-a-lifetime opportunity arises for a chance to audition for the role, Emeuri clamors for the coveted spot alongside girls from every village. When she pulls off the unthinkable and wins, she sets off for the opulent kingdom with high hopes for a better life. However, she soon discovers life in Iridan is not what it seems.

Secrets hide in corners of the palatial estates. Ones that whisper of an opposition brewing beneath the pristine surface. A disruption to Sovereign Beck’s order could topple his meticulous hierarchy—a change that would ruin everything Emeuri has worked for. Yet, a hint of promise carries those whispers and Emeuri finds herself consumed with the idea of freedom from the only life she’s ever known. But as attendant to the sovereign’s niece, plus her growing attraction for the sovereign’s nephew, Emeuri’s treasonous behavior could cost her life.

After one of Emeuri’s letters home is intercepted, exposing the rebellion, Sovereign Beck sets out to make an example of her. With the one dream she’s had since childhood gone, Emeuri makes adangerous escape to join the battle. However, when she becomes the top target for the sovereign, Emeuri’s quest for freedom may become her prison instead.


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