Review Page

Readingthroughthelookinglass review policy and requesting a review

If you are an author or publisher and would like me to review or work with you, please read this page before contacting me.

I am a full time stay at home mummy of two children, in my spare time i enjoy reading and reviewing books. please be patient if i do not reply straight away, i will be in touch as soon as i can.

when contacting me for review your request should include the following

  • Book Title
  • Author and Publisher
  • Genre
  • Publication date/release date
  • Synopsis
  • Time frame or date you would like review completed by.

I will accept books in the following formats

  • physical copies (paperback or hardback)
  • Physical ARCs
  • eArcs
  • Ebooks (mobi format)

If the book is a physical copy I will forward you my address.

My Review Style

My reviews are all my own, they are honest and i will always try to reflect my thoughts in the review. my reviews will range from 1 to 5 simply going by the key below

  1. Hated it
  2. It was okay
  3. it was good, I connected with the characters
  4. enjoyed it, connected with the characters and understood the plot
  5. loved it, really connected with the characters and really imagined the plot.

My reviews can be found here on my blog, and also on Goodreads, Amazon and Instagram. if you would like me to tag the author/publisher in my post then please let me know otherwise i wont.